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Leading your needs from Proof of Concept to Hyperautomation

We are a technology company, formed by experienced consultants and UiPath Community leaders.

With experience mainly in robotic process automation (RPA) and implementation of process management solutions (BPMS), at Paradox Automation we can support your business throughout your entire automation journey.

What we do

UiPath Marketplace Listings

Extended REF - SystemReserved

Extended REFramework with SystemReserved

REFramework with most of the features from the Enhanced REFramework, extended with SystemReserved entity class and reporting capabilities.

System Reserved

SystemReserved Entity

C# class built to be used within UiPath REFramework. It will hold values that are required for a REFramework to work correctly, like TransactionNumber, RetryNumber, etc.

Loop with Timeout

Loop with Timeout

Reusable template for time-boxing loops and prevent infinite loops from happening